Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pam, PhD.

I really, and I mean really appreciate you writing this book. While I may differ on finer points, the main essence of this book is hit hard and well. Your third chapter is something I would shout from rooftops and always wondered "Why can't someone explain embryology to the common man?" As a physician who loves delivering babies and would hope to be in ob-gyn residency someday, I know fairly well that the CNS is ready by month one and the Cardiovascular system by 5 weeks and so much has already been established early. Your chapters are well done and you have covered the science and the biblical explanations of it all and I think its an eye opening read for those who have somehow lost the blueprint of life and/its definition.

Pat, PhD., Retired Professor

My response to reading your first four chapters was to want to stand up and cheer! Somehow, you and I are on the exact same wavelength! I not only agreed with every point you made, I was truly cheering for your thoughts!

Gotta stop gushing do some serious "reviewing". Your English: sentence structure, paragraph length, spelling - and all those things - seem flawless to me so I've no corrections. Your book tackles the most important issues in our society today: when does life begin. You also tackled some other important issues: salvation, the age of accountability and howbeit briefly: what does heaven look like? our ages in heaven; homosexuality. You do so with caring, compassion, and a gentle presentation of the truth.

Thank you so much for including in your book the forgiveness that Christ offers for those who do have an abortion. There are millions of young women in America who need to hear your words. Jesus shines through your words. Your testimony to Him is insightful, uplifting and simply a joy to read.

Thomas, this is a professional book, a top-notch theological discussion while also being very personal, touching, and inspirational. Thank you for including your own experiences with the loss of a child. That took great courage. And God has touched your words with His love. I hope to see this book in our churches and in our homes soon.

Reviews Part 2

Good for you for writing such an important book. I have never lost a child, but sadly I have a lot of girlfriends and a sister-in-law that have. No matter what the circumstances were, they still mourn those children.
You have done a wonderful job of biblically explaining the Christian stance that All life is prescious and it does not take delivery to be considered alive.
You explain this with grace, compassion and fact. All things that serve to make a very compelling argument.  (Sharon V)

This is a very well-written and thought-provoking explanation for believers that works best when it comforts rather than when it argues, though the arguments are not strident. I hope this does well and provides comfort for many. (JFW)

Some interesting arguments made about life and death and the death of a child. This is a very sensitive subject so naturally you have tried to 'season your words with salt'. Or, like 'apples of gold in a silver carving' you have undoubtedly sought to use the right word in what would be a painful time. (Sarah F)

Well written and lovely. It should bring comfort to those who have lost a child, and maybe change a few minds about getting an abortion. (Kasie F)

A very interesting subject matter. Although you make your own view clear, you give a balance to it, with the alternative arguement, which is refreshing.
It seems well researched and lucidly written. The subject is controversial amongst many, each with their own strong view points. Aside from that I think the information has been set out in a logical and linear fashion, making it easy to follow and understand. (Chase C)

What a beautiful book. Thank you for writing it. As a father who's lost a child, I really enjoyed this thoughtful piece. I'll have my wife look at it as well. I was glad I came across it.  (Joe H)

You raise some good points here. It does set one thinking...This is superb writing. I do not have to agree or disagree with what you believe, but I can surely say that this is a book that will challenge beliefs, whatever they may be. And that is the purpose of non-fiction. To make us think (Mike G)

A very complicated subject handled very easily. I am interested in your work and the way you have written this. (Udas M)

You are obviously dealing with a hot topic. I spot read some of your answers knowing that we would probably have slight theological differences, and I was curious what you believed. I appreciate that you tried very hard to justify your answers with scriptures (I’m assuming that you found great comfort in them when you had to deal with your own trials.) and were clear about what was your own opinion and how you formed it. (Stephanie)

Excellent work, Tommy. You speak with authority and calm passion on this issue that has winnowed all humanity and separated the believers from those who do not believe. You have researched deeply and I enjoyed reading your book. ( Delores A)

I think that this is a much needed book. I especially appreciate your development of the concept of the age of accountability in chapter 4. (Stephen L)

Well written and powerful arguments. It is obvious a great deal of research and understanding has gone into the work.(Keith)

I have read a lot of books on many biblical topics, both doctrinal and practical, but I have never come across one on this topic. I believe this is a much need work in today's America. (Gregory J)

Excellent writing style. Clear, concise and informative. I'm sure this will prove to be a thought-provoking book. It's good to see science and spirituality simply brought together (Milan)

A beautifully written book which should be a comfort for many people who have lost a child. (Anna P)

This is a touching, educated and emotional book, and you meet your aim perfectly with this sensitive, helpful piece. (Abbie K)

Reviews Part 1

O my heart is full with joy and comfort after reading your first two chapters! Wow. Your words are inspired, bathed in truth, and wrapped in love. There is strength in your wisdom and gentleness in your tone. I deeply appreciated the way in which you shared from your own personal experience of losing children through miscarriage. The image of lost little ones "asleep in heaven's nursery" is a beautiful, powerful truth. I also loved your opening discussion of life, particularly regarding the stages of development. Do we say a 6 month old, or a toddler isn't fully developed, so therefore not a life? Your wisdom here truly touched me. Also, the stages of development in the womb was fascinating for me to see in the progression you laid out. I remember hearing the heartbeat of 3 of my children, one lost in the womb and two born into this world. Indeed, all of them precious gifts from the Lord's own hand. Your image of lifting up your children in heaven one day was beautiful as well. I am truly touched by your story.
(Faith R.)

You have done a wonderful job of articulating truth on a subject matter which, sadly, is likely to draw much fire from opponents. Blessings to you for your brave stand. (James R)

Written with great clarity and conviction. This reads firstly as a leaflet for those seeking information on a difficult topic and will also be a source of comfort and reassurance for many women and couples who face these moments of devastation. Three cheers for Tommy Mann for putting this together. (Brian T)

I read this with some trepidation because I was afraid it was going to be an extremist right-wing anti-abortion rant and was relieved to find that it was not so. Personally having had 3 children, I do think that I would find it very difficult to have an abortion myself, but I am glad that you have made the Christian position clear that the child does not suffer for the sins of its parents. (Nicole)

I have experienced a miscarriage (my first pregnancy). I was "only" 6 weeks but I believe whole-heartedly that the sweetheart will be there waiting for me someday. This is a fantastic read for those suffering/with questions and worth backing on so many different levels. (Carrie J)

An erudite piece of writing, well written and researched. (Cameron L)

I would have relished this book when we lost our firstborn at 20 weeks...[this] book would have helped. (Shartie)

This is a critical narrative that needs to be read by those who are experincing or questioning why. (C W)

What a necessary book! This will be helpful for many people and it is clearly written. (Jane L)

A very legit argument and to an extent based on the Bible. It has certainly made me to consider some things I had not considered before. (Harold A)

I've had two miscarriages, one beautiful son, and a hysterectomy at 36 that put an end to all the dreams I was keeping therein. Thank you for writing this book. (Lisa)

This is a very hard topic to write about and I take my hat off to to you for successfully broaching the subject. The script is logical but not cold and unfeeling, although it does deal with alot of pain and what many still consider a taboo subject. Your writing offers information, counselling and solace and I commend you for including the Lord's perspective in it. (Brenda)

 like the title of your book very much. This is a very intense and personal subject to many. Your book definitely raises alot of valid questions and some may not agree with your answers but they for sure open the readers eyes and makes them think.
I have had a few miscarriages, but I kept trying for my second child. The way I looked at it was that my baby was just not ready to come to me and when the time was right, I finally had her.
That is what your book does, it gives hope and guides many who may have questions while experiencing any of these difficult situations. (Rhaki W)

The greatest gift of all is love.That is what you are sharing here. Love for those who have shared or may share in your painful experiences. I was unable to have children and though I never experienced losing an infant, each time I was unable to conceive I felt as though I had.

Your courage and faith will help many, and your true understanding of God's Love and word will see to its success because I am sure He has blessed this undertaking. (Patricia)

Fine, sensitive explanations of a subjetc that challenges many Christians today. You willingness to take head on questions that are so often ducked or talked round is commendable. That takes faith.
Your eriting style is clear and open (Rev. Scott)

This is a very comforting book for a family that has just lost a baby. I would have liked to have read this back when my wife’s first pregnancy ended abruptly and the baby was too young to live (Burgio)

I love that you have so many scriptures to back up your answers. :) Thank you for taking the time to help so many people to understand. :) I like that you listed the fetus stages :) - pretty radical, huh?... I had 2 abortions in the '60s…so I know they are in Heaven & David said, "I will go to be with him" when his baby died…Your story is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. (Susie G)