Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pat, PhD., Retired Professor

My response to reading your first four chapters was to want to stand up and cheer! Somehow, you and I are on the exact same wavelength! I not only agreed with every point you made, I was truly cheering for your thoughts!

Gotta stop gushing do some serious "reviewing". Your English: sentence structure, paragraph length, spelling - and all those things - seem flawless to me so I've no corrections. Your book tackles the most important issues in our society today: when does life begin. You also tackled some other important issues: salvation, the age of accountability and howbeit briefly: what does heaven look like? our ages in heaven; homosexuality. You do so with caring, compassion, and a gentle presentation of the truth.

Thank you so much for including in your book the forgiveness that Christ offers for those who do have an abortion. There are millions of young women in America who need to hear your words. Jesus shines through your words. Your testimony to Him is insightful, uplifting and simply a joy to read.

Thomas, this is a professional book, a top-notch theological discussion while also being very personal, touching, and inspirational. Thank you for including your own experiences with the loss of a child. That took great courage. And God has touched your words with His love. I hope to see this book in our churches and in our homes soon.

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