Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reviews Part 2

Good for you for writing such an important book. I have never lost a child, but sadly I have a lot of girlfriends and a sister-in-law that have. No matter what the circumstances were, they still mourn those children.
You have done a wonderful job of biblically explaining the Christian stance that All life is prescious and it does not take delivery to be considered alive.
You explain this with grace, compassion and fact. All things that serve to make a very compelling argument.  (Sharon V)

This is a very well-written and thought-provoking explanation for believers that works best when it comforts rather than when it argues, though the arguments are not strident. I hope this does well and provides comfort for many. (JFW)

Some interesting arguments made about life and death and the death of a child. This is a very sensitive subject so naturally you have tried to 'season your words with salt'. Or, like 'apples of gold in a silver carving' you have undoubtedly sought to use the right word in what would be a painful time. (Sarah F)

Well written and lovely. It should bring comfort to those who have lost a child, and maybe change a few minds about getting an abortion. (Kasie F)

A very interesting subject matter. Although you make your own view clear, you give a balance to it, with the alternative arguement, which is refreshing.
It seems well researched and lucidly written. The subject is controversial amongst many, each with their own strong view points. Aside from that I think the information has been set out in a logical and linear fashion, making it easy to follow and understand. (Chase C)

What a beautiful book. Thank you for writing it. As a father who's lost a child, I really enjoyed this thoughtful piece. I'll have my wife look at it as well. I was glad I came across it.  (Joe H)

You raise some good points here. It does set one thinking...This is superb writing. I do not have to agree or disagree with what you believe, but I can surely say that this is a book that will challenge beliefs, whatever they may be. And that is the purpose of non-fiction. To make us think (Mike G)

A very complicated subject handled very easily. I am interested in your work and the way you have written this. (Udas M)

You are obviously dealing with a hot topic. I spot read some of your answers knowing that we would probably have slight theological differences, and I was curious what you believed. I appreciate that you tried very hard to justify your answers with scriptures (I’m assuming that you found great comfort in them when you had to deal with your own trials.) and were clear about what was your own opinion and how you formed it. (Stephanie)

Excellent work, Tommy. You speak with authority and calm passion on this issue that has winnowed all humanity and separated the believers from those who do not believe. You have researched deeply and I enjoyed reading your book. ( Delores A)

I think that this is a much needed book. I especially appreciate your development of the concept of the age of accountability in chapter 4. (Stephen L)

Well written and powerful arguments. It is obvious a great deal of research and understanding has gone into the work.(Keith)

I have read a lot of books on many biblical topics, both doctrinal and practical, but I have never come across one on this topic. I believe this is a much need work in today's America. (Gregory J)

Excellent writing style. Clear, concise and informative. I'm sure this will prove to be a thought-provoking book. It's good to see science and spirituality simply brought together (Milan)

A beautifully written book which should be a comfort for many people who have lost a child. (Anna P)

This is a touching, educated and emotional book, and you meet your aim perfectly with this sensitive, helpful piece. (Abbie K)

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