Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reviews Part 1

O my heart is full with joy and comfort after reading your first two chapters! Wow. Your words are inspired, bathed in truth, and wrapped in love. There is strength in your wisdom and gentleness in your tone. I deeply appreciated the way in which you shared from your own personal experience of losing children through miscarriage. The image of lost little ones "asleep in heaven's nursery" is a beautiful, powerful truth. I also loved your opening discussion of life, particularly regarding the stages of development. Do we say a 6 month old, or a toddler isn't fully developed, so therefore not a life? Your wisdom here truly touched me. Also, the stages of development in the womb was fascinating for me to see in the progression you laid out. I remember hearing the heartbeat of 3 of my children, one lost in the womb and two born into this world. Indeed, all of them precious gifts from the Lord's own hand. Your image of lifting up your children in heaven one day was beautiful as well. I am truly touched by your story.
(Faith R.)

You have done a wonderful job of articulating truth on a subject matter which, sadly, is likely to draw much fire from opponents. Blessings to you for your brave stand. (James R)

Written with great clarity and conviction. This reads firstly as a leaflet for those seeking information on a difficult topic and will also be a source of comfort and reassurance for many women and couples who face these moments of devastation. Three cheers for Tommy Mann for putting this together. (Brian T)

I read this with some trepidation because I was afraid it was going to be an extremist right-wing anti-abortion rant and was relieved to find that it was not so. Personally having had 3 children, I do think that I would find it very difficult to have an abortion myself, but I am glad that you have made the Christian position clear that the child does not suffer for the sins of its parents. (Nicole)

I have experienced a miscarriage (my first pregnancy). I was "only" 6 weeks but I believe whole-heartedly that the sweetheart will be there waiting for me someday. This is a fantastic read for those suffering/with questions and worth backing on so many different levels. (Carrie J)

An erudite piece of writing, well written and researched. (Cameron L)

I would have relished this book when we lost our firstborn at 20 weeks...[this] book would have helped. (Shartie)

This is a critical narrative that needs to be read by those who are experincing or questioning why. (C W)

What a necessary book! This will be helpful for many people and it is clearly written. (Jane L)

A very legit argument and to an extent based on the Bible. It has certainly made me to consider some things I had not considered before. (Harold A)

I've had two miscarriages, one beautiful son, and a hysterectomy at 36 that put an end to all the dreams I was keeping therein. Thank you for writing this book. (Lisa)

This is a very hard topic to write about and I take my hat off to to you for successfully broaching the subject. The script is logical but not cold and unfeeling, although it does deal with alot of pain and what many still consider a taboo subject. Your writing offers information, counselling and solace and I commend you for including the Lord's perspective in it. (Brenda)

 like the title of your book very much. This is a very intense and personal subject to many. Your book definitely raises alot of valid questions and some may not agree with your answers but they for sure open the readers eyes and makes them think.
I have had a few miscarriages, but I kept trying for my second child. The way I looked at it was that my baby was just not ready to come to me and when the time was right, I finally had her.
That is what your book does, it gives hope and guides many who may have questions while experiencing any of these difficult situations. (Rhaki W)

The greatest gift of all is love.That is what you are sharing here. Love for those who have shared or may share in your painful experiences. I was unable to have children and though I never experienced losing an infant, each time I was unable to conceive I felt as though I had.

Your courage and faith will help many, and your true understanding of God's Love and word will see to its success because I am sure He has blessed this undertaking. (Patricia)

Fine, sensitive explanations of a subjetc that challenges many Christians today. You willingness to take head on questions that are so often ducked or talked round is commendable. That takes faith.
Your eriting style is clear and open (Rev. Scott)

This is a very comforting book for a family that has just lost a baby. I would have liked to have read this back when my wife’s first pregnancy ended abruptly and the baby was too young to live (Burgio)

I love that you have so many scriptures to back up your answers. :) Thank you for taking the time to help so many people to understand. :) I like that you listed the fetus stages :) - pretty radical, huh?... I had 2 abortions in the '60s…so I know they are in Heaven & David said, "I will go to be with him" when his baby died…Your story is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. (Susie G)

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